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 "We have had our tutor for the past 3 years and have found it to be very helpful.  Our daughter has learned some great study habits and how to review and how to efficiently summarize her notes. The tutor is very punctual and not only helps with homework, but she is able to teach or re-teach lessons if they are missed in school.  She makes learning fun."

"I am so appreciative of the excellent assistance that was provided to our daughter through Brilliant Boost. The tutor was keen to help with all aspects of learning, whether it was essay research, weekly homework or studying for exams. She was always prepared, knowledgeable and engaging. Many thanks Brilliant Boost!"
     -Parent of a Grade 12 student

"Brilliant Boost tutoring helped my son get through a difficult grade 9 year in math and science. His tutor was very knowledgeable and able to present the curriculum in a way that he understood and could carry forward into grade 10! Thank you Brilliant Boost!!"